Monday, January 28, 2013

Suja Juice Cleanse

Ok ok ok...So here comes the review on the 1 Day Suja Juice cleanse. First, here are my notes that I took throughout the day to give the times I drank everything and my thoughts on it.
I'm just obsessed with the packaging and how pretty they are!
8 am - Lemon water and 24 oz water
9 am - Glow and 24 oz water
           Strong cucumber and celery taste, apple made it sweet.
10 am - I'm hungry but I can hold off, definitely hungry and craving some kind of carb.
11:30 am - Fuel with 24 oz water
                  Strong carrot taste, but the sweetness of the orange makes it pretty good.
12:30 pm - another 24 oz water
1:30 pm - Purify with 24 oz water
                Another really strong cucumber and celery taste.
2:30 pm - Not really feeling hungry anymore and now this seems totally doable. I have been peeing like a race horse!
4 pm - Fiji with 24 oz water
           I'm just so over the cucumber taste, that I need to plug my nose to down it. Really not hungry, wondering how I'm supposed to drink 2 more before 7:30.
6 pm - Green Supreme with 24 oz water
           Not so bad, thought the apples would be more prominent, but the kale over powers it. Saw peppers being chopped and I wanted them so bad they looked so yummy, while the cupcakes looked awful and had no desire for them.
7:30 pm - Vanilla Cloud with 24 oz water
                By FAR the best one of the day! Tasted so dreamy after all the cucumber and celery! I feel light and tight and not hungry at all.

I'm totally over the cucumber and celery taste..obviously

I'll answer some typical questions.
How did the juice taste? If you look above, you can see what I thought about each individual drink, which honestly weren't bad, I've had things MUCH harder to choke down. The hardest part for me was the fact that I was ruined of cucumber and celery tasting purees or juices when doing Tracy Anderson diet. So when 4 of the drinks had varying amounts of those foods, that's all I could taste because I just didn't like it. I'm sure if you have no qualms with cucumber and celery, you'd be just fine. The thing that saved me is that there was no texture, they were all straight up juice which made me very happy and much easier to get down.
Did you lose weight? Although, I did not do this for weight loss at all, I knew this would be a question so I watched it. I did lose 1 pound.
Were you hungry? Up until my third juice, I was feeling hungry. I would have had the 3 juices before 1 pm, but I was just nervous that I was going to go through them too fast, but that was not the case at all. Literally around 3 pm, I wasn't hungry at all, I was actually wondering how I was going to finish all of them because I was feeling too full.
How much did it cost? I found them on sale for $7.99 a piece at Whole Foods. Which is not much more than if you bought all of the ingredients and made it on your own. I don't have a juicer, nor did I want to spend the time, so I feel like the price is fair. So 6 juices for $8 each, just under $50.
Where do I find them? You can find them on the Suja juice website, where if you order them online, they will deliver them straight to your house. You can also see on their website where it is offered in a Whole Foods or other stores near you. 
Did it do what you expected? Let me just say, I was skeptical...for sure! What was 1 day going to do? I was hoping for a little 'reset', help my body crave good things again, and get me to clean out as much bad stuff as it could in just a day. I'll tell you what, it SURPASSED my expectations. It was incredible how good I felt the next day and how I didn't want anything that wasn't going to aid in fueling my body. I just wanted clean clean clean food! I felt great and had a renewed strong desire to eat clean to reach my goals and most importantly, fuel my body with the best things for it.

End result..I would love to do this every month if I could, but I will do it at least every quarter! I'm hoping next time I do it in April that I can try a 3 day and see how that goes! I would seriously recommend this to anyone and everyone, even if it's just 1 day, you'll still see benefits from it.


  1. We do an herbal cleanse with AdvoCare every 90 days. It detoxes the liver, kidneys and removes toxins from your digestive tract. It lasts 10 days, consists of a fiber drink for 6 of the 10 days, herbal cleanse tablets that gently work while you're sleeping, and probiotics that restore good flora to your system. While on the cleanse, we eat lean proteins, vegetables, fruit and complex carbs. This is a great way to hit that "reset" button. My husband hasn't had a soda in a year! His acne, headaches and stomach issues seem to resolve themselves after each cleanse every 90 days or so. It's great!

  2. I am drinking juice 1 of my first day and I was looking for others who did this. Found your blog! I love what you said about why you did it -- for a body reset and a kickstart into healthier eating. Exactly why I'm doing it. I know a lot of people are like "oh wahh you don't need to lose weight!" and I'm like noooo, I am not trying to, nor do I think it's a good method for weight loss. But like you said, it'll help me back on the healthy eating training. Glad you did it. I'm excited to see what it does! :)